Custom DTF Gang Sheet

Custom DTF Gang Sheet

Template Requirements

NB: Gang sheet sizes 22×40 $26| 22×60 $40 | 22×84 $55 | 22×120 $79

*300+ DPI Preferred

*Embed any imported files

*DO NOT Mirror Images

*Transparent backgrounds only (PNG)

*Expand all text to paths

If shipping is needed we can arrange that for you after processing.

File Upload Instruction
  • All files up to 2GB , send via WeTransfer
    • Email: info@ronrussprint.com
    • Also, Enter your name and order number




Our Custom DTF Gang Sheet come in various sizes. Maximize the space by fitting in as many prints as possible! You can adjust the proximity between images according to your cutting preferences. With our Custom DTF Gang Sheet, your business is poised for success, ensuring increased profitability.

We print with top-tier inks, film, and powder to deliver the most vibrant whites and colors, regardless of the garment type, material, color, or stretchiness. Our method and materials provide heightened strength and flexibility, excelling in the most demanding washing trials. Ensure your designs are set at 300 dpi for the best printing resolution in CMYK. Our process and materials give you increased durability, stretchability, and withstand the toughest wash tests.

Our staff reviews each order to guarantee precise and optimized printing. We can assist you with gang sheet setup for free, including removal or other cleanup if you leave us notes in checkout. The custom DTF Gang sheet size has a minimum of 22 x 24.

Template Requirements:

– Preferably 300+ DPI
– Please embed any imported files
– Do not mirror images
– Only use transparent backgrounds (PNG)
– Expand all text to paths

Ensure exceptional print outcomes with our direct transfer film gang sheets.

You can place transfers closely together with ample space to prevent cutting when removing them from the sheet. You can apply them with either an iron or a press. These durable transfers withstand wash cycles, retaining vibrant colors for up to sixty washes before showing any signs of degradation.

Choosing our DTF transfer gang sheet is a cost-effective solution for printing DTF transfers, particularly suitable for high-volume or repeat orders.




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22×24, 22×40, 22×60, 22×84, 22×120, 22×240


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